Is running a night club glamourous? We met up with Cuba Libre manager Chehid to find out………..


Hi. Thanks for meeting with us today. You have been the manager here at CUBA LIBRE since the beginning, right? When did it open?

Hello. Yes, I’ve been in Cuba Libre since the very beginning. We’ll celebrate our 10th birthday mid-Novemer and we’re planning an incredible event. We’ll soon release further details.

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Why Do Women Love Shopping?


Before we even begin to answer the main subject of why do women love shopping, I think it would be interesting to have a gender bias awareness discussion. Now, before any male visitor’s feathers get ruffled this is not going to be a male-bashing fun fest here! I am going to provide facts that will help make sense of male vs female shopping habits. You never know how many relationships we may save from unhappy shopping trips.

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Does Poland do good seafood? I popped into Słon in City Park to find out.


Fish has become the darling food of nutritionists and diners in search of a healthy meal. It’s high in protein, low in calories and packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that help to lower the risk of heart disease and improve cognitive ability.
But is it better to eat wild caught fish or farmed fish? Does it make a difference? Wild certainly costs more, so theres the first difference.

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House of Donuts. Kids Test


Newly opened House of Donuts ticks all the boxes. Its colourful, serves donuts & icecream and is located in the city centre. Perfect. For the owners it was a no brainer. IT WILL BE SUCCESFULL! We all love donuts and icecream. But, what will reaaally make it successful is the price and quality of the product. A donut is not just a donut. There are several places in Poznan already specialising in Donuts but they are all packaged wrong. House of Donuts is slick. It looks right. So what about the taste? I took along my 2 kids aged 9 & 14 to find out. Their young palettes will be the best judge, and as seeing most of House of donuts clients will be families and young people/students, it seemed logical.

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NOON Restaurant in Ilonn Boutique Aparthotel


As tourists, we mostly go to restaurants located in well-known and tourist-popular parts of town. As locals, we rarely find the time to search and experiment, and rather go back to places we already know and like. An unfailing tool to help us out and allow to contently try out undiscovered territories is a recommendation. So, this is where we come in, and we come with a recommendation for a restaurant which would be rather difficult to find by accident, just off the street.

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Squad Whisky. We speak to the experts.


Whisky is not for everybody. Poland is well known for its vodka but Whisky is getting more popular. The elite have always been whisky lovers, it has some prestige connected to it, but with all the new trendy bars popping up all over Poznan, people are starting to warm to whisky. It can be drunk in various combinations, whisky and coca cola being one. We popped into Squad Whisky in City park to speak to the experts. They have a hidden secret in their place, read on to find out what it is.

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